2020: A Space Odyssey

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AUCKLAND, Today: “What is failure,” wonders DDB AUNZ CCO Damon Stapleton in his latest, imagination-stretching blog …

“I remember reading a great line somewhere that said there is no such thing as failure: If you fail, you write a book about what you have learnt failing and that becomes a bestseller.

“There is no failure. Only an unyielding, unstoppable momentum towards your next life affirming success.

“And what is success? The notes or the spaces between them?

“The thing’s hollow. It goes on forever, and – oh my God! – it’s full of stars!”

“We replace understanding with activity. We create the illusion of certainty. To quote Arthur C Clarke: ‘If he was indeed mad, his delusions were beautifully organised’.

“We tell ourselves we want to spend time on the important things in life, but there is never any time. But, when we have it, what do we do?

“I have watched Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey at least a dozen times over a 20 year period.

“Nobody really knows what it’s about. Even if you research its meaning there are multiple theories including the idea that you are not supposed to understand it because God is beyond our understanding.

“What I do know is that it always gives me the same feeling. It is this mixture of awe and fear. It has a beautiful infinite emptiness. Arthur C Clarke gets closest to it with these words …

“The thing’s hollow – it goes on forever, and – oh my God! – it’s full of stars!”

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