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bcg2 and Mediacom’s big new injury-prevention campaign for Safekids Aotearoa has been launched by Ann Weaver (Safekids Aotearoa director), ACC minister Nikki Kaye and ACC ceo Scott Pickering at an event at Oranga Community Centre in Onehunga, Auckland.

The Check for me before you turn the key campaign is a powerful practical behaviour change message that aims to reduce the many injuries and deaths to Kiwi children in preventable driveway run-overs.

This TV, radio, PR and community activation-based campaign aims to distribute 300,000 free photo frame key rings to the parents, guardians, family, friends and whanau of the children most at risk from injuries that can happen in their own driveways and neighbourhoods.

“Like many simple and powerful creative ideas, this campaign has gained a momentum all of its own even before the advertising campaign breaks,” said bcg2 managing director Michael Jarvis. “This important cause is gaining a diverse new network of support and goodwill as key partner ACC assists in driving this message deep into our communities.”

The confronting TV ad was shot by Greg Page of Flying Fish. The narrative captures the everyday truth of these preventable tragedies that kill an average of five Kiwi children every year and send one other off to hospital with life changing injuries every fortnight.

bcg2 CEO/ECD James Blackwood said: “It’s unfathomable to understand the devastation these accidents cause to families. There’s nothing more precious than our children.

“We wanted to avoid using fear or guilt as a motivator. This campaign is about simple positive behaviour change at the most critical moment – when the car is about to be in motion. The insight was to create a moment of awareness when outcomes can still change for the better. ‘Check for me before you turn the key’ is a simple action to help prevent these tragic events. Personalising each keyring with a photo of your kids gives it the power to potentially save lives.”

The TVC goes to air this Sunday (25 October) on the free to air network channels. There’s also been coverage for the campaign launch on the TVNZ news site where the work featured in 7Sharp and the late news earlier this week.

Safekids Aotearoa director Ann Weaver said: “Alongside Starship Foundation, ACC has come on board as a major partner for this campaign.

“As New Zealand’s national child injury prevention service we’re turning up the volume to reduce these statistics by launching our new campaign. It is designed to make drivers think twice every time they grab the keys to head off in their cars.

“But to be successful in these kinds of campaigns it is about partnership, strategic relationships and a commitment to work together to prevent these injuries in our communities.”



Writer: Phil Parsonage
Art Director: Marc Chetcuti
Creative Director: Robin Powel
ECD & CEO: James Blackwood
Director Strategy & Planning: Abe Dew
Managing Director: Stuart Ogden
Account Director: Deborah Cashmore

Flying Fish

Director: Greg Page
Producer: Kerin Casey
Agency Producer: Marty Collins
Safekids Aoteroa
Director: Anne Weaver
Injury Prevention Advisor: Alessandra Françóia
Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator: Anthony Rola


Managing Director: Nigel Douglas
Media Manager: Gary Fitzwilliam

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