Step change as Sugar sweetens TAB marketing

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This week, Sugar&Partners and MBM have launched a 40-week-long campaign for the TAB surrounding live racing and sport. “The Are you in? campaign signifies a big step change in marketing for the TAB, from a campaign specific to an always-on approach,” says S&P CD Dave Nash.

“We’ve been really busy the last few months with TAB and here’s the results – A new brand-platform and tagline Are you in?,plus  there is a huge amount of work online, in-store and through the new mobile app that will launch in complementary fashion throughout the year.

“The creative challenge for Sugar&Partners was to develop a fresh, consistent brand vehicle that projects accessibility, fun and sociability – based around the simple truth that watching live racing and sport is much more entertaining with a bet on,” Nash says.

“Place a bet and you’re on a journey filled with tension, exhilaration and real excitement. The campaign represents this feeling coming to life in a literal way; underpinned by Magic Carpet Ride, the rollercoaster creates an entertaining flexible brand device.”

S&P CD Damon O’Leary said: “Are you in? Is a natural progression for the brand and sums up what’s on offer, inviting you to get involved. It builds on the competitive nature of backing the right team and the payoff between mates as well as the financial reward”

The media planning, led by MBM, centres around following the fan through the pre-game hype on social media, online blogs and news sites through to television advertising surrounding live games using digital and social to encourage conversations and deeper engagement with TAB’s 70k+ Facebook fans.

The hero 4sec commercial featuring Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride will feature in key placements, and will be cut-down for relevant and topical executions across league, tennis, netball and racing throughout the year. For all other sport a retail layer has been developed that sees the viewer take the reins of the Rollercoaster.

All television activity is supported by an integrated content partnership with, with TAB owning key placements and running live related odds to stories across desktop, tablet and mobile editions.

“This approach is a really exciting move for us, not only having a unified brand vehicle to use across campaigns, we are now also able to be topical and relevant to our audience across every media touch point. The retail television & digital layer will be a great marketing tool that we will be refreshing multiple times per month,” says TAB campaign manager Katherine O’Connor.

TAB head of marketing & digital sales Mike Heath said: “From the strong media planning and negotiating to the great execution of the single-minded idea this campaign is the culmination of months and months of hard work and true collaboration throughout our business and all our agency partners. We’re really looking forward to hearing back from our customers and seeing what chatter this generates.”




Executive General Manager: Glenn Patrick
Head of Marketing and Digital Sales: Mike Heath
Senior Marketing Manager: Kevin Broome
Campaign Manager: Katherine O’Connor


Creative Directors: Dave Nash & Damon O’Leary
Head of Planning: Tania Stevenson
Group Account Director: Dennis Carroll
Account Directors: Campbell McLean & Julianne Hastings
Digital and Social Account Manager: Kate Ferriman
Head of Art: Hamish McArthur
Agency Producers: Nick Barnes & Chloe Sutherland
Creatives: Dave Nash, Damon O’Leary, Daniel Nelson and Vikki Cheng
Retoucher/Design: Gary Butcher


Managing Director: Sean McCready
Business Director: Will Tran
Senior Trading Manager: Adria Peck
Digital Media Planner/Buyer: Sahri Armstrong Digital Media Assistant – Ben Jones

Liquid Studios: Audio Engineer Craig Matuschka

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