Steven Adams talks Kiwi in US bank ad

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The TV networks last night thrashed the US bank fronted by US basketball star Steven Adams, who cashes in on his Kiwi image to front a video for a bank in the United States peppered liberally with Adams’ interpretation of Kiwi slang (with subtitles). He is hugely liked in this country – but this is not his best work.

Adams’ mass appeal has been used to his advantage in New Zealand as well. Telecommunications giant Spark has featured him in a campaign trying to get the company connected with young Aucklanders by bringing five high-tech basketball courts to the city, linking them to courts in America.

He signed a lucrative shoe deal with Adidas after he joined the NBA in their 2013 draft. Leading US hoops websites have Adams listed at a salary of US$2.2 million (NZ$2.9m) for his second season in the world’s biggest basketball league.

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