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FCB’s Mitre 10 Sandpit just keeps on wowing viewers – over six years after its creation in 2008. This month (January), after yet another short absence, it’s back on the M+AD Colmar Brunton Top 10 chart.

Pak n’Save Stickmen (from the same agency) is another ad that is retaining its power. It’s been around for five years – and this time around it’s finally taken the top spot.

  1. Pak n’ Save Stickmen series, FCB, Waxeye (Paul James/Paul Carter)
  2. KiwRail Take a Break. Take a Train, Clemenger BBDO (camera Dan Monaghan)
  3. Specsavers Volleyball, MediaCom
  4. NZTA Numbers, Clemenger BBDO, Finch (Derin Seale)
  5. Jeep Bigger Boat, HM Creative (Australia)
  6. Health Promotion Agency Not Beersies, FCB
  7. Nova Energy Mr Rover, Clemenger BBDO
  8. Health Promotion Agency Stop Before You Start, GSL Promotus
  9. Contact Energy Casey and Olly It’s OK to Say Bad Words, JWT, Sunday Punch (directors Nigel McCulloch, Ryan Hutchings, Jarrod Holt).
  10. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (dir Kevin Denholm)



1. Pak n’ Save Stickmen Series

  • “The black against yellow is eye-catching and they can be funny.”
  • “I laugh at the pathetic clichés.”
  • “I enjoy the silly sense of humour … It’s so bad that it’s funny.”
  • “Simple and funny.”
  • “I like that they are cute and generally funny.”
  • “They are simple, cute and funny, and you know exactly what business is being advertised.”


2. KiwiRail

  • “The music and stunning scenery.”
  • “I like the music.”
  • “It gives a really clear message, is a treat to watch and isn’t in your face.”
  • “It has lovely music and nobody shouting at me as it is self-explanatory. Also has some beautiful NZ scenery.”
  • “Because of the theme music and scenery shots.”


3. Specsavers Should’ve Campaign

  • “They are all very funny and make you laugh.”
  • “They bring out a smile.”
  • “It is great advertising being so humorous.”
  • “It’s funny.”
  • “It has a lot of humour with it.”
  • “Funny, quick and to the point.”
  • “They all have a sense of humour.”


4. NZTA Numbers

5. Jeep Bigger Boat

6. Health Promotion Agency Not Beersies

7. Nova Energy Mr Rover

8. Health Promotion Agency Stop Before You Start

9. Contact Energy Casey and Olly

10. Mitre 10 Sandpit

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