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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Freemans Bay digital agency Central Station kept costs down for its new Cystic Fibrosis NZ campaign – with the judicious use of stock video, along with art & graphics created by the agency.

Together, CF and the agency have launched Sweatember, which challenges Kiwis to commit to any sweaty activity throughout September to get fit and raise money to support New Zealanders living with this nasty lung disease.

The agency put together all the elements of the campaign in-house. It will run until end of September, on TV, video and social channels. PR was handled by Cassells & Co Auckland.

CF NZ marketing manager Laura Huet said: “As with many charities, we rely heavily on funds raised through our annual street appeal to deliver our support services.

“The agency put together all the elements of the campaign in-house.”

“The Coronavirus emergency and physical distancing requirements certainly threw us a curveball. We had to think on our feet, consider how to capture the spirit of in-person fundraising, and somehow package it up virtually.

“The Sweatember campaign was our answer to that.

“Living with CF is tough, time-consuming, and an emotional rollercoaster. Life-saving medications such as Trikafta are still not funded in NZ, severely impacting both quality and length of life.

“There is no cure, and life expectancy is less than half that of the average New Zealander.

“People with CF also sweat more than those without the condition, and this sweat is very salty. Many parents who have newborn babies with CF have reported noticing that their skin tastes salty when they kiss them.

“Make your sweat count today.”

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