Street posters hit the Shore for the first time

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Some of New Zealand’s most expensive homes are located on its streets and clifftops. The 250,000 people who live there spend millions of dollars each day. However, crossing the Harbour Bridge means entering a zone where outdoor advertising is a rarity.

Billboards are few and far between, bus stop posters are almost as scarce, and legal street posters are non-existent.

Well, they were until this month.

Phantom Billstickers has worked closely with Auckland Council to create the first network of legal and permitted street poster sites in one New Zealand’s most affluent population centres.

“Since the various Auckland councils were merged, there’s been a push to standardise bylaws,” says Phantom GM Manager Jamey Holloway. “While street posters were not allowed under the old North Shore City, we’ve taken the time to consult with property owners and the new Council to get all our ducks in a row.

30 locations
“Now we can offer advertisers 10 sites in strategic locations, with another 20 in the pipeline,” Holloway says.

“With quality poster sites now available in the rich northern suburbs, marketers can target some of New Zealand’s biggest retail spenders. A 2013 study estimated annual retail sales of $1.4 billion in North Shore metropolitan and town centres, and this total is sure to be higher today.”

Holloway says the new North Shore sites will add even more firepower to Phantom’s bespoke inventory management system. This enables advertisers to buy up to 32,000 combinations of its 880 sites nationwide.

“With Phantom you can combine street-level visibility with precise demographic targeting. Having the ability to reach Shore dwellers close to where they live, commute and shop fills a major gap in our coverage,” he says.

“We encourage all show promoters & brand owners to bring their most inspiring ideas to the streets – including those north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.”

  • For more information on Phantom’s North Shore street poster opportunities, phone Stuart Palmer on 027 558 0555, or email

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