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Argentine art & motion studio Plenty has collaborated with Auckland brand agency String Theory to create a short film, We Need To Talk About Alice, to raise awareness of charity book website Good Books. The short film coincides with the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

String Theory commissioned Plenty to produce the film as part of the Great Writers series, a collection of short films to promote Good Books, an online bookstore that operates on a zero-cost model and sends all profits to Oxfam. Plenty came to the party with a labour of love for no money that lasted over two years.

Good Books founder Jane Cherrington (a String Theory strategist) says the film is simply stunning. “It’s a tribute to both the intent of the project and the talents of Plenty,” she said. “The Plenty team have given a gift of love and support to thousands of people they have never met.”

String Theory ECD Jeremy Taine said: “Removing the almighty dollar from the equation is profoundly liberating. Once brilliant operators like Plenty decide to devote time and resources to a philanthropic project such as Good Books, their sole motivation becomes bringing all their talents to bear and doing the best possible work.”

Since 2012, String Theory has collaborated with others to donate its time and skills to create short, promotional films for the charity. The short films are always based on well-known authors and books.

In 2012, Los Angeles icons of animation Buck TV released Metamorphosis, a brilliantly twisted homage to Hunter S Thompson. In 2013, McBess and Simon of The Mill created Havana Heat, a steamy romp of a love letter to the Mills & Boon-genre.

We Need to Talk About Alice, the third in the series, was a tribute to Lewis Carroll written by Devon Wood and Jeremy Taine, with local sound design from Peter van der Fluit of Liquid Studios.

The film premiered in Soho, London, on September 24.

String Theory has more short films planned to promote Good Books, and fans of the film series could find themselves with a role to play. Fans of books and films are welcome to pitch scripts, offer services, or make suggestions for film subjects to help bring the Good Books story to life. The next project in the pipeline is a Raymond Chandler noire-fest.

About Good Books
Good Books was set up in 2006 as an innovative way to feed profits from western book sales back to non-western communities in need of the most basic things to support sustainable existence: Water, sanitation access to education and sustainable agriculture. When customers buy any product through, 100% of the profit goes to support people in need, through Oxfam projects. Good Books is a unique charity because they have zero operating costs, All time, professional services and resources are donated in full. Their new website was fully funded and built by String Theory, who also maintain it.

About String Theory
An innovation nexus …

About Plenty
A bureau of young professionals with a strong passion for graphic design and motiongraphics.

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