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AUCKLAND, Today: Stuff has this morning launched Newsable, a flagship daily news podcast that’s “a fast and fresh way to get up to speed” on the day’s big stories.

Chief audio officer Nadia Tolich says Newsable is a way for audiences to engage with the news and issues worth talking about in Aotearoa and around the globe.

“At Stuff we are reimagining what modern media is and should be. Newsable sets listeners up for a great chat around the water cooler. It includes original content alongside the best of Stuff’s journalism and analysis in a fast, informative and entertaining format.” 

Co-hosts are Emile Donovan, a Dunedin-born journalist and dog enthusiast, and Imogen Wells (ex-Parliamentary Press Gallery).

Donovan likes football, Italian food and snooker. He was once blessed by the Dalai Lama. 

Imogen Wells has a griffon called Bean and is passionate about saving the kākāpo.

“Emile Donovan likes football, Italian food and snooker. He was once blessed by the Dalai Lama.”

“We won’t be watering down the news, in fact we’ll aim to be one step ahead of the news agenda,” says Donovan.

“We’re focused on the news worth talking about – the stuff you’ll chat about to your whānau and friends. And at around 15 minutes long it’s the perfect snackable size to set you up for your day,” says Wells.

Newsable is sponsored by BNZ and will feature a regular spot with the bank’s chief economist Mike Jones.

Stuff executive commercial director Matt Headland says BNZ’s sponsorship of Newsable validates the ongoing investment into developing innovative products.

“We’re really thankful that BNZ has joined us on the Newsable journey as we develop and grow a brand new audience, while also helping them reach existing audiences of substantial value,” says Headland.

The ad campaign
An ad campaign that has been developed and booked in house. Stuff worked with Cassidy Meredith (at Hearts & Science media agency) to form the partnership with BNZ.

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