Stuff man says: ‘Stuff & Neighbourly audiences grow, Herald declines’

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Stuff senior comms exec Alex Maplesden writes: “We’ve just received the July Unique Audience results from Nielsen and thought you may be interested in some of the findings, particularly the YOY growth in Unique Audience from Stuff vs the decline from the New Zealand Herald.

“There’s also been a new record set for Neighbourly,” Maplesden writes.

“Stuff’s Unique Audience for July was 2,100,000 – a 1% increase YOY. NZ Herald suffered a 10% decline YOY for July with Unique Audience dropping to 1,670,000.

“In Auckland, Stuff’s Unique Audience has increased 20% YOY to 594,000, trailing NZ Herald by only 6000.

Neighbourly at 13
Neighbourly recorded its highest Unique Audience to date of 943,000, making it 13th biggest site in NZ.

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