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WELLINGTON, Today: NZ media giant Stuff is moving to promote its sustainability credentials more aggressively – launching ads headed: THIS NEWSPAPER IS PURE RUBBISH!

“There’s been a lot of noise recently about our newspapers and their perceived impact on our environment,” the promo reads. “We knew it was time to start sharing our story about the work we’ve done on recycling rubbish into good stuff as part of our commitment to sustainability.”

The flyer lists key information and stats …

  • We are proud signatories to the Climate Leaders’ Coalition and constantly look for ways we can reduce our footprint.
  • We also use our role as a trusted media outlet to shine the light on these issues. For example, our Bags Not campaign was instrumental in encouraging Kiwis to eliminate single-use plastic bags.
  • Stuff’s print plants have been awarded a Kodak Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award, recognising our environmentally friendly initiatives as being some of the best in the world. 
  • The newspapers we print are created with recycled waste or by-product, which means we’re doing our bit to protect our environment.
  • The ink in our presses is made from vegetable oil and tree sap, which means it biodegrades with the newspaper.
  • All trimmings and offcuts from our printing process are reused, which means on average, we recycle 550 ton of paper per annum across our print sites.
  • Our print sites across the country include energy efficient lighting. 90% of the lighting at our print sites is LED, with the addition of light sensors to ensure our storage areas are not constantly lit. 
  • Since 2015 we have achieved a 47% reduction in our carbon emissions across the business.
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