Stuff hires AU product leader – promotes Fei Bian Goh

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AUCKLAND, Today: Stuff has appointed Ben Haywood as chief product officer, with current product lead Fei Bian Goh moving into an executive strategic advisor role to develop key strategic initiatives.

Stuff ceo Sinead Boucher said: “Ben is an exceptional product leader, who really supports that mission and who will play a critical role in delivering our strategic roadmap.”

Haywood, who takes up the new position next month, is currently director of product at Nine Sydney. Prior to his time at Nine, Ben worked for Fairfax on audience products, subscriptions, loyalty and retention.

“It’s a pleasure to pass on the baton to Ben, which will allow me to focus on strategic initiatives.”

He said: “It is rare to find an organisation that’s as genuinely committed to being a positive force in the world as Stuff, so it is thrilling to have the opportunity to join such an inspiring team.

“I’ve devoted my career to the future of quality, independent journalism because that’s the kind of journalism that makes life better.”

Boucher: “Fei Bian Goh has a decade of experience at Stuff, and has played a crucial role in the success of, New Zealand’s number one website.

Goh: “It’s a pleasure to pass on the product leadership baton to Ben, which will allow me to focus on a number of strategic initiatives to help Stuff achieve its business aspirations.”

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