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AUCKLAND, Yesterday: has just hit a major milestone! They’re now officially NZ’s top news site, and it’s all thanks to their recent makeover. This includes fresh apps, sleek design, and improved functionality.

February’s Nielsen results are in, and they’re showing leading the pack with a whopping 2.21M unique visitors. What’s even cooler is how much longer people are hanging around on the site compared to other news outlets.

Nadia Tolich from Stuff Digital is over the moon. After two years of hard graft, their big digital revamp has paid off, keeping readers engaged and informed. “This is one of the most significant changes in Stuff’s digital history and we’re pleased our audience has come along with us.”

Tolich said: “We now have one of the most agile and dynamic news sites anywhere in the world and our teams are continuing to work hard every day to bring new functionality and the most relevant journalism for our audiences as we continue to evolve.”

“Engagement is about a mix of great content, context and advertising message formats that integrate seamlessly into the audience experience.”

Stuff isn’t just winning online; they’re the biggest name in town when it comes to digital and print, reaching over 3.3 million Kiwis a month. Their network is massive, from daily news to local community platforms like Neighbourly.

Matt Headland is all smiles about what this means for advertisers. The site’s new look isn’t just pretty; it’s pulling in readers and clicks like never before. “Our internal numbers are showing a sizeable increase in average ad viewability (+13%) and average Click Through Rate (+22%) as we’ve tested and trialled new innovations for the audience and our advertisers.

“Engagement is about a mix of great content, context and advertising message formats that integrate seamlessly into the audience experience. Our new site delivers all of that in bucketloads.”

Ben Haywood, the brains behind the product, is buzzing with the feedback they’ve got. isn’t just a news site; it’s a community hub where Kiwis get to dive into the stories that matter. “Our audience loves to participate in what’s happening on their favourite site and we’ve listened to and worked on every piece of feedback we’ve received.”

He also mentioned: “ is the place Kiwis turn to for breaking news, for live and lively stories and for journalism that makes a difference to their lives every day. What they say really matters to us.”

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