Sugar – with Mike O at the helm – shoots Super Rugby

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The 2018 Investec Super Rugby season promises super-fast entertainment like no other. That’s the simple proposition bought to life via New Zealand Rugby’s new #DontMissAThing campaign from Sugar&Partners.

Director Jason Bock from Flying Fish used a high-speed Phantom camera hurtling down a track at 85km per hour, filming it at 1000 frames per second to slow down the spectacle so Kiwis “don’t miss a thing”.

“There was a fair amount of technological development required to make this shot possible,” Bock said.

“We experimented with the length of the set, the speed the camera travelled at, and the frame rate to find the sweet spot to bring this slow-mo replay concept to life. Then all we needed was for everyone to nail their performance in each two-second take.”

No comment on O’Sullivan’s new role
The intriguing footage will be used extensively on Sky TV and a variety of digital mediums throughout the season.

M+AD asked Sugar managing partner Jeremy Johnston about the role of creative superstar Mike O’Sullivan, who is listed in the credits as Sugar’s ECD.

His reply: “No comment on personalities from me OK? I find that side of the industry really boring.”

  • An insight into the complexity of the production process on shoot day can be seen here:


Marketing Manager: Craig Harvey
Senior Marketing Advisor: Rebecca McIntrye,

Business Director: Belinda Dick
Producer: Liz Garneau
Managing Partner: Jeremy Johnston
Executive Creative Director: Mike O’Sullivan
Creative Director: Glenn Wood
Creative Director: Felix Steadman

Director: Jason Bock
Producer: Tulsi Bramley
EP: James Moore
DOP: Dave Garbett
Grip/ Motion Control: Harry Harrison
Art Director: Jon Lithgow
Post: Mandy VFX
VFX: Leon Woods
Grade: Matic Prusnik
Media: Sneakers Digital
Music: Play the Game, by Kings

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