Super Kiwi shot Super Bowl super ad

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Sydney-based Kiwi Hamish Rothwell directed Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake in the Super Bowl tvc for antioxidant drink Bai.

In the spot, Walken dramatically recites the lyrics to *NSync’s hit song Bye Bye Bye. Timberlake teased the Superbowl appearance days before as “Chief Flavor Officer” of Bai but viewers were surprised to find Christopher Walken leading the spot before revealing his game-watching partner.

Walken’s signature deadpan performance, the song tie-in (cleverly clearing up questions about the brand’s pronunciation) and Timberlake’s appearance referencing his boy-band days, combined to make a memorable spot that gave a nod to 90s nostalgia.

Bai has been featured on numerous top lists for the best ads of the Superbowl and topped TiVo’s list of Most Engaging Commercials. The spot is Rothwewll’s first with US production powerhouse Superprime.

Rothwell is represented by Goodoil in Australia and NZ.

NZW-based NZ-founded Goodoil Films is 2015’s highest ranking (equal 3rd) Australasian production company in the global list issued by Best Ads over the weekend. Rothwell was named No 1 director in 2015.

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