Arrivals & Departures: Sweetshop signs director Jakob Marky 

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Sweetshop has signed director Jakob Marky for representation globally, excluding Europe. “Jakob has always had a fascination for stories and how to make them come alive,” says ceo/partner Wilf Sweetland.

Being told ‘never let truth get in the way of a good story’ by his poet dad and later reprimanded for lying by his stricter Hungarian mother, Marky grew into the filmmaker he is today, searching for a blend of story and authenticity. 

Born in Gothenburg, the half-Swedish, half-Hungarian director went all the way to Australia to earn his stripes in the film industry. After stirring up dust in Scandinavia with films for TRYG, Nordea and IKEA, he won the Ingmar Bergman Award for Best screenplay for his film Fuga.

The prize allowed him to spend time writing in the den of infamous director Lars von Trier.

“Signing Jakob is a great honour. His reel amazing, and he has a gloriously versatile and creative brain. A commercial or a short, he knows how to deliver.”

His successful Cannes Lions-awarded Facebook campaign for Skittles Super Mega Rainbow Updater involved a call centre which read out peoples’ status updates. His interactive campaign, Volkswagen: Golf Auditions, won Silver at Epica and was shortlisted at the Eurobest Awards.

Father of two, Marky is an avid tennis player and currently developing scripts for two shorts, Motherland and The Lions Dens.

Wilf Sweetland said: “Signing Jakob is a great honour. Not only is his reel amazing, but he has a gloriously versatile and creative brain. Whether it’s a commercial or a short, he knows how to deliver.

“His sensibilities fit so well with Sweetshop’s own and I know these will translate strongly for the agencies and brands we work with on a global level.”

Marky said: “For me, joining Sweetshop is a perfect marriage. They’re a collaborative and supportive team that has embraced my passion and personal directing style. They also work at such a high-level in so many different regions – I’m excited about the all possibilities and stories we’ll tell.”

  • View Marky’s reel here

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