Arrivals & Departures: Sweetshop signs star UK director

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AUCKLAND, Today: Sweetshop has signed acclaimed director Nicolas Jack Davies for global representation, with a focus on work from New Zealand.

Sweetshop NZ EP Ben Dailey said: “Nick is a natural storyteller with a reputation for highly cinematic, innovative and emotive work across film, television, commercials and music videos.

“Commercially, he humanises brands by bringing a sense of drama and passion, working with clients including, Barclays, Mailchimp, Intel, Google, Nike, YouTube, Facebook, and Stella Artois.

“Nick’s work has been nominated at the Grammy Awards and MTV MVAs, and has won a host of awards across advertising, film and TV, including a prestigious Grierson award for Channel 4 documentary Payday.

“I can’t wait to see how agencies and brands respond to him here in New Zealand.”

“His latest feature film Rudeboy will be released later this year – it’s been described by the Hollywood Reporter as ‘a visually slick celebratory affair, with a rich, sunny, consistent lifting sounds track’.

“Nick’s work is intrinsically human, cinematic and he has mastered the art of personal storytelling. He works effortlessly across genres. I can’t wait to see how agencies and brands respond to him here in New Zealand.”

Davies said: “I’m thrilled to sign with Sweetshop because I feel that they not only understand my creative vision but align with my deeper desire to make the process of my craft meaningful. I’m so excited for the body of wok we’ll be able to build together.”

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