Switch PR rebrands

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Switch PR – a Ponsonby marketing outfit dedicated to growing brands in food and beverage, hospitality, lifestyle & design, travel & entertainment – has rebranded as The Sauce Shop.

“We think our new moniker is a more accurate reflection of what we do,” says managing director Jo Bell.

“Whether it’s a household name or boutique operator, we help our clients create engaging content, campaigns and launches that drive consumer interest, influencer engagement and positive media coverage.

“Media relations and publicity, writing, launches and campaigns, social media and influencer engagement, brand partnerships, sponsorship leverage and issues management … we do it all.

“And while words are our bread and butter, we’re not just wordsmiths. We recognize a good image is worth a thousand words, and our eye for design means we can take care of the aesthetics too.”

Communicating with consumers today is about so much more than print ads and press releases, she says.

“With an ever-evolving media landscape, the lines between forms of media are becoming increasingly blurred. Social media and tech advances mean that anyone can now be an editor. And the overwhelming level of marketing noise and content means that media savvy consumers are increasingly selective about what information they digest.

“To be successful today, brands must create meaningful connections with buyers through their preferred forms of media. Forget about the hard-sell, seeking to inspire, inform, educate and/or entertain your customer is key to gaining their trust and credibility.”

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