Switch shoots Barkers brand anthem

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AUCKLAND, Monday: With the fashion industry being a significant contributor to environmental waste, brand agency Switch has developed a new campaign for leading NZ-owned menswear brand Barkers, titled Made For Life. 

Working with Barkers’ management team, Switch developed the 90-second brand anthem, setting out the brand’s motivations and values for the future with a focus on the company’s commitment to greater accountability and a more ethical product line. 

“For us it was a rare opportunity to remove commercial imperatives and focus on making a strong brand statement”, said Switch creative director/founder Chris Jones.

“The goal for Barkers was clear, but rather than be apologetic about not being quite there yet, it’s about being transparent with the audience.

“On the one hand it’s a statement about the way Barkers lives and sees the world, while also making a commitment to do things better and sharing the journey with the consumer.”

“The video rolls out through cinema, OnDemand and Air NZ inflight entertainment, with billboards and mall-lights.”

Barkers Group managing director Jamie Whiting said: “We’re already working on numerous aspects of our sourcing and supply chain, including the use of more sustainable and organic fabrics.

“This campaign is a declaration of intent. Rather than have it sit on the wall at the office, we wanted to be transparent with our customers and the wider public. It’s a line in the sand that gives new meaning to everything we do from this point on and opens us up to be judged on the merits of what we do.”

Barkers have made their largest campaign investment ever to ensure the message is received. Launched early November, the video is being rolled out through cinema, OnDemand and Air New Zealand inflight entertainment and supported with an extensive billboard and mall-light campaign.


Agency: Switch
Production Company: Switch/Thievery
Sound Design: Bigpop Studios
Narrator: Michael Hurst
Barkers Group Managing Director: Jamie Whiting
Barkers CEO: Glenn Cracknell

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