TAB & Pitchblack back the FIFA Women’s World Cup

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AUCKLAND, Today: CBD indie Pitchblack and the TAB have announced a campaign to promote the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. “Football’s beauty is its glorious unpredictability,” says Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger introducing the campaign.

Pitchblack strategy partner Jono Key said: “I might support Spurs, but Arsène Wenger is right when he talks about the beautiful fickle nature of football.

“Billions of football fans around the world will be tuning in as history is written on our shores, and Kiwis will get to experience the world game like never before.”

“The only thing for sure is that nothing’s for sure.”

“New Zealand co-hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup 202 is a moment most Kiwis never would’ve predicted, but it’s here and it’s happening – the biggest tournament ever to land on our shores.

“The 32 teams have arrived, the pitches are perfect, the flags are flying.

“And as diehard sports fans, the teams at TAB (an official supporter of the World Cup) and Pitchblack understand that tournament footy offers no certainties. There will be upsets, classic comebacks, and stars will rise, and stars will fall. On and off the pitch, the only thing for sure is that nothing’s for sure.

TAB senior lead Pip Eriksen said: Planning & Strategy “Unpredictability was the catalyst for our What are the odds platform, encouraging fans to view the tournament through an entertaining lens of limitless possibilities.

“The comedies and the dramas, the heroes and the underdogs, the chaotic ballet of the beautiful game. The real magic of sport lies in the thrill of the unknown, and we can’t wait for kick-off.”


Client: TAB
Creative agency: Pitchblack Partners
Production: Jetblack Production
Post Production: Toybox
Media agency: MBM
Sound: Liquid

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