No Place like Home

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AUCKLAND, Today: The ad employment sector is adapting well to the Covid pandemic – partly because it lends itself to working from home.

Leading by example is Grey Lynn-based talent agency Johnson & Laird, and senior agent Christiana Thomson, who is now back home working just months after giving birth to her daughter, Stanley Tallulah Spackman.

“I am now back part time at J&L,” she writes. 

“I think she is adorable – but of course am very biased.”

“Not that I am at all pleased there is a worldwide pandemic, but it does mean I get to start back working from home which is quite a lovely way to transition.

“Due to Covid-19 we at J&L and our talent have diversified some of our systems to allow our voice talent to safely continue their work.

“We sent out an EDM last week to update TV producers and studios.”

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