AU shops issue tame response to ugly ‘No’ campaign

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SYDNEY, Today: AU agencies & media have reacted to the ‘No’ vote emerging victorious on Saturday night’s Voice to Parliament referendum, influenced strongly by elderly ulta-conservaties.

AU newssheet Mumbrella reports on the tame tone of the reaction: “Over 60% of the country voted against the Voice, which backed up what early polling indicated in the week’s leading up. In fact, ACT was the only territory to count a majority vote in favour of the move.

“Monash University constitutional law professor Luke Beck slammed the federal government, claiming it allowed misinformation and disinformation to be spread during the campaign.

“The time is right to introduce federal truth in political advertising laws along the lines of what exists in South Australia and the ACT,” Beck said.

“The federal parliament passed up an opportunity to ban misinformation and disinformation ahead of the referendum campaign.

“The ‘Yes’ campaign “never had a chance without a strong, evidence-based strategy.”

“In January, Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters rejected calls to do this. The committee said ‘the forthcoming referendum is not the right time to establish a truth-in-political-advertising regime.’

“However, the same committee recommended in June that Australia adopt federal truth-in-political-advertising laws that would apply to all future federal elections and referendums.

“The culture around political campaigning in Australia should not be allowed to get worse.”

Meanwhile, Pollinate ceo Howard Parry-Husbands told Mumbrella that the brutal truth is that the ‘Yes’ campaign “never had a chance without a strong, evidence-based strategy”.

“If there’s one thing those of us in the advertising, media and marketing profession can learn from the ‘Yes’ campaign, it is that evoking an emotional response without a well-considered strategy and plan will end in tears, unintended consequences and a waste of all of your money,” Parry-Husbands said.

“It’s time to put the strategy back. Because as we’ve seen, hope without strategy is hopeless.”

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