Long White launches new brand platform by asking ‘What do you do for a living?’

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: TBWA\NZ has launched RTD brand Long White’s new platform, This Is Our Time, with a launch film launch shot by Michael Hili of Finch.

The film asks “What do you do for a living?” –  question that’s been asked since small talk was invented … whether it’s from a stranger at a party or on a bureaucratic slip of paper.

The answer may well have once been what you do for a job. However, for a younger audience who don’t define themselves simply by what they do between 9 and 5, the answer is a bit more complicated.

TBWA\NZ has used this insight to launch This Is Our Time, turning the question into a celebration of a generation who know how to make the most of their time.

TBWA\ CCO Shane Bradnick said, “The world has tricked us into believing our routine is our life, and everything else is a bonus. This is Our Time celebrates the New Zealanders who claim their space, make their own rules, and who show all of us what living life on your own terms looks like.”

“Long White is the #1 light RTD brand in NZ and hopes to use this platform to make time-out a force for good with their audience.”

Hili’s launch film introduces a young woman who attempts to answer this question honestly, demonstrating all the things that make up what she does for a living.

As well as online video, the campaign will also be on social feeds and billboards across the country, and will be built upon within the next couple of years.

Asahi NZ marketing GM Oliver Downs said: “The new platform is about recognising that despite what other brands might project, there’s no one size fits all RTD drinker.

“We’re all more than our jobs, more than the labels applied to us, more than images, videos and opinions seen in the media. This is Our Time is about reclaiming who we are and celebrating all that makes us different.   Long White wants to encourage Kiwi’s to spend time on enjoying time-out in the most inspiring and uplifting ways.

“Long White is the #1 light RTD brand in NZ and hopes to use this platform to make time-out a force for good with their audience.”

The campaign is live across AV, OOH, social and digital.

  • View the video below


Long White Brand Manager: John Henderson
Light RTD Marketing Manager: Andre Browne
Head of RTDs: Tamara Blomfield
GM Marketing: Oliver Downs
Creative agency: TBWA\NZ
Media agency: OMD

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