American duo Frank Garguilo and Jeff B Tune join TBWA\NZ from Sid Lee LA

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AUCKLAND, Today: Swapping the City of Angels for the City of Sails, Frank Garguilo and Jeff B Tune are the new creative duo at TBWA\NZ.

The creative leads have been bought in to run accounts like Noel Leeiming, mentor our incredible young talent and bolster the overall TBWA’s creative offering. The pair have recently arrived from L.A agency, Sid Lee where together they worked on Nasdaq, Dos Equis, and FIFA.

TBWA/ CCO Shane Bradnick said: “The pair’s professional relationship goes back as far as 2015, when they met at VCU Brandcenter graduate school in Richmond, Virginia. 

“Since then, they’ve turned their creative nous to making quality work for a string of high-profile brands including NFL, Bud Light, Hyundai, the New York Yankees, the Oakland A’s, Netflix, eBay, Google, Bumble Bee Tuna, Toto Toilets, Nos Energy Drinks, Bushmill’s, Carl’s Jr.,Yahoo; collecting a bunch of awards in the process, including Grand Prize for the Automotive category at the 2023 Shorty Awards. 

“Jeff Tune’s other claim to fame is during a fruitful career as a hip-hop star, under the moniker MC Type, Macklemore opened for one of his gigs. 

“I’m excited for the fresh perspective the duo can bring.

“Sitting in L.A we would see these incredible ads and wonder how they got made. We knew we needed to get over here and get a piece of the action.”

“Having Frank and Tune in the building has been awesome. They are massive talents who also bring never-ending energy for the work and care to the whole creative department. It has been especially awesome to see how much they love nurturing and directing our younger teams.

“We are delighted to welcome them to the TBWA\NZ family.”

“They bring a fresh perspective to how they tackle briefs. They might not yet know their jandals from their togs, but there is a value in that totally new take on NZ which is leading to great creativity. I remember being in a similar boat many years ago and I was nowhere near as talented.”

Frank Garguilo Garguilo said: “New Zealand repeatedly punches above its weight in terms of quality and creativeness of the work produced.

“Sitting in L.A we would see these incredible ads and ideas and wonder how it got made. We knew we needed to get over here and get a piece of the action.”

Jeff  Tune said:“ TBWA\NZ was an easy choice. Shane and Catherine support great work and here we know our most fun, unexpected, and eccentric ideas have the best shot of getting produced. We wanted not only to pitch great work, but for that great work to get made.”

As creative leads, the pair will be working across some of New Zealand’s biggest and best loved brands, including Noel Leeming, Southern Cross, 2degrees, ANZ and Anchor.

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