TBWA\NZ promotes David Parkinson to MD at TBWA\Digital Arts Network

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: TBWA\NZ has announced th promotion of David Parkinson to managing director of DAN (Digital Arts Network).

TBWA\NZ  ceo Catherine Harris said: “Under David’s leadership DAN has experienced a period of exponential growth, operating beyond borders for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Starbucks, Discover Card, US insurance company Polly and My Car in Australia.

“Locally David has been integral to TBWA\NZ Group’s end-to-end experience offering, for partners like The Fono, ANZ Bank NZ and Southern Cross. 

“Dave has done an exceptional job leading this next phase for DAN. He has built a team of world-class experts working locally and globally and broadened the DAN offering to include consulting, innovation sprints, design, CX and end-to-end digital.

“He is also working on the Group’s offering that brings experience design into the heart of brands. DAN is also now the TBWA\Worldwide centre of excellence for innovation and experience design.

“Dave is an awesome leader to work with and we are excited for this next phase.”

“Dave is an awesome leader to work with and we are excited for this next phase.”

TBWA\NZ chief creative officer Shane Bradnick said: “Parko is an absolute legend. Smart, funny and a genuinely lovely man, loved by all in the TBWA\NZ Group and client partners alike.

“I would like to just say a massive thank you to Dave for all his amazing efforts so far and we’re really looking  forward to the next chapter as he takes on the MD role.”

David Parkinson said: “It has been awesome coming into an industry filled with such strategic and creative thinkers. The exciting part of all of this is where to next? The pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work with local and global brands, and has grown our horizons beyond anything we’d previously imagined.”

Catherine Harris: “David will be leading increased investment in the TBWA\Next offering, which is designed to disrupt the future of brand experiences by looking at how emerging innovations can drive growth for clients.

“Next connects the TBWA\NZ team with some of the most talented and innovative minds in the TBWA global network, including global chief innovation officer Luke Eid.”

Parkinson: “It’s all about helping our clients, here and overseas, keep up with the pace of change, putting customers at the heart of their strategies and leveraging technology so businesses can achieve a greater share of the future.

“The work our team is doing is cutting edge and that is what brands need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.”

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