TBWA\NZ and ANZ’s HOWTWO for small business

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AUCKLAND, Today: The Sharma family is back with a bang in TBWA\NZ’s latest ad for ANZ, showcasing their serious business game!

The new spot highlights ANZ’s knack for supporting small businesses, especially during those tough first two years. It’s a celebration of Claire Sharma’s thriving dressmaking venture, featuring a vibrant party and a fashion show by Claire + Co.

ANZ is rolling out a major campaign to flaunt its top-notch services for small businesses, starting with a 90-second TV spot that captures a festive gathering celebrating Claire’s two-year business milestone. Friends and family strut in her designs, while other ads spotlight ANZ’s unique business banking perks.

Building on TBWA\NZ’s WE DO HOW brand platform, the campaign emphasises ANZ’s commitment to helping small businesses thrive past the critical two-year mark. The HOWTWO Small Business Support Programme includes perks like no monthly fees for two years, consultations with business specialists, and access to valuable data to simplify decision-making.

“With the right tools, insights, and connection, ANZ has the HOWS to enable Kiwi business owners to make a success of their business.”

Shane Bradnick, TBWA\NZ’s CCO, praises the campaign: “It is well-known that the first two years in business are usually the hardest, yet small businesses are the backbone of New Zealand. That’s why it is so good that ANZ, the country’s biggest bank, has stepped up to bat for small businesses in this way.

“It has also been great to expand on the world of the Sharma family and focus a little more on Claire’s story. People seem to have really identified with the family, there’s Reddit threads about the dad’s motorbike hallucinations and even his ‘Yes Sameer’ catchphrase on t-shirts.”

ANZ is determined to dismantle the hurdles small businesses face. “HOWTWO champions everyday business owners with something tangible and relevant that will help them through the critical first two years of their business journey,” says Matthew Pickering, ANZ’s General Manager Marketing.

“With the right tools, insights, and connection, ANZ has the HOWS to enable Kiwi business owners to make a success of their business – just like Claire has done in this TVC.”

The campaign isn’t just on TV; it’s also hitting radio, social media, digital platforms, and outdoor venues.

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