2degrees & TBWA\NZ Create ‘a Completely Bonkers Armada’

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: TBWA\NZ and 2degrees has launched “a fun summer retail campaign using AR, geolocation, and weather integration technology”.

The PR release advises that “Paulie the giant, 2degrees AR Data Piñata is back and this year he’s brought his buddies with him.

2degrees marketing GM Dave Pearce sais: “With 800 years of free data and Samsung prizes to give away in the lead up to Christmas, 2degrees has called for reinforcements and formed the ridiculously large 2degrees Data Piñata Armada.

“To play the game people can visit datapinata.nz, which uses AR technology to turn their mobile into a virtual piñata game and whack the Data Piñata Armada to win free data and prizes.

“The Armada can be found nationwide, and TBWA\NZ is using geolocation and weather integration technology to serve responsive piñatas at different times, locations, and conditions.

“If you’re around a coastline you could be served the pirate piñata ‘Data Pinarrrtarrr’, if you’re at a sports ground you may catch ‘Spectata Piñata’ in action, if it rains you may get ‘Jack the Dripper’, and on especially clear nights keep an eye out for ‘Fuzz Aldrin’.

“The Data Piñata Armada will appear on TV, radio, outdoor, digital, social, in-store, in-mall, and will have a range of plush toys available from mid-December.”

“After the huge success of Data Piñata last year it was a no brainer to bring Paulie back. New Zealanders loved the campaign so much they were asking us for a sequel – so Paulie is back by popular demand and bringing some buddies along for the ride.”

“Giving away data is a popular but well-trodden path over summer, so you have to do it in an unexpected, disruptive way. This is retail, made bonkers. We are giving our customers what they want – even more data, some seriously awesome prizes, and a wildly fun way to win them while they are out and about this summer.”

TBWA\NZ CCO Shane Bradnick, said: “With 800 years’ worth of free data, there are over 20 characters to collect – all holding different data and prizes. We worked with the super talented Blair Walker, our Motion Design lead, the talented character designer Eva Cremers and the crew at Unbound to create an Armada of epic mates for Paulie – so it’s Data Piñata Armada game on.”

“From ‘Jack the Dripper’ to ‘Rude Dolph’, from Data-Angelo’ to ‘Sparta Piñata’ these different characters appear all over New Zealand and pop up at different times of day, geolocated locations and in different weather conditions so it will be a wild ride to track them down and win. We are encouraging people to share tips and tricks around the characters they find, and a few lucky winners will get a free month of data, while others will get Samsung swag.”

The 2degrees Data Piñata Armada will appear on TV, radio, outdoor, digital, social, in-store, in-mall, and selected stores will have a range of Data Piñata Armada plush toys available from mid-December.

The video was not available at press time.


Client: 2degrees
GM Marketing: Dave Pearce
Marketing Manager: Alessandra Nixon
Campaign Manager: Vikram Bhatia
Agency: TBWA\NZ
Animation: TBWA\NZ
UI Design: Digital Arts Network
AR/Development: Unbound
Music and Audio Post: Liquid Studios
Character Design: Eva Cremers (original) Blair Walker & Arkadi Kravtchouk (adapts)
Media: OMD

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