Pink Pony gallops into new territory with teddy’s daring rebrand

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AUCKLAND, Today: In the fast-paced design world, strategic alliances spark transformations. Pink Pony Creative and teddy, with The Social Collective, launch a pioneering partnership. This move heralds a branding revolution, showcasing Pink Pony’s flair in redefining teddy.

Kristy Campbell’s Pink Pony Creative is a beacon of innovative design. Their venture with teddy opens a new chapter, blending creativity with excellence to revamp teddy’s image.

Teddy, crafted by Gabi and Lance Metz, aims to revolutionise Kiwi sleep experiences. Their focus on sustainability and quality sets them apart, promising affordable luxury.

This collaboration melds Pink Pony’s design genius with teddy’s innovation. Together, they aim to craft a brand that embodies trust, quality, and value.

“This partnership between Pink Pony and teddy signals a new design era.”

For Pink Pony, this is a chance to push boundaries while adhering to their creative ethos. They dive deep into teddy’s vision, aiming to create a resonant brand identity.

Teddy sees this as a strategic step to boost their brand and market stance. With Pink Pony’s guidance, they’re set to redefine the mattress industry’s standards.

This partnership between Pink Pony and teddy signals a new design era. Their joint effort aims to challenge norms and enrich the sleep experience.

Ultimately, this Pink Pony and teddy alliance is more than a rebrand. It’s a celebration of collaboration, creativity, and vision, setting new industry benchmarks.

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