Telecom fires up the S5 – without TV

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Telecom has kicked off a partnership with wry, dry Kiwi comic Guy Williams to promote the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The telco has also – for the first time with Samsung – turned its back on TV.

This new campaign, which went live on Friday, is built around a series of online videos that show Williams “unboxing” a new S5 as he faces the “one-inch punch”, gets blasted by a firehose, stalked by an attack drone, attacked by seagulls, and waterskiing behind the Torpedo Wharf ferry.

“This marked a new marketing approach that’s in line with our focus on the Under 35 market and was made to advertise the Samsung S5 phone online, not on TV – a first for Telecom,” said Telecom communications advisor/supervisor Vicky Gray.

“The idea came from research around new product launches which shows the most searched term is ‘unboxing’, because of the viral trend for consumers watching videos of new tech literally being taken out of its box.

“The second most searched term is ‘extreme’ with people’s online appetite for watching people attempt extreme sports continuing to grow.

“In these videos Guy attempts to ‘unbox’ the Galaxy S5 in an extreme way – which we’ve coined ‘Extreme Unboxing’.

“This new online approach to promote one of the biggest device launches of the year is a nod to the fast changes that have and are continuing to take place at Telecom [soon to become Spark] and is a marketing first for us.

“Telecom today, is a more confident, and forward thinking provider of digital services, entertainment, mobile and data digital provider and the decision to promote the Galaxy S5 online rather than on TV was a strategic one that aligns with our focus on the under 35 market.

“We’re very aware that consumers no longer just consume their media through traditional media channels such as TV, but rather they want to access content through the devices they choose, in their own time. By creating compelling content intended for online channels Telecom hopes to reach these customers.

“Our association with Guy was a strategic one. He’s funny, creatively smart and is a digital native working across multiple channels.”

The concept was developed and brought to life alongside digital experience agency Touchcast, producer Flying Fish, Sherson Willis PR, and media shop Dynamo.





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