The Goat Farm helped Kiwi Wealth to fivefold lift

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Kiwi Wealth has reported a five times increase in new members and four times increase in new accounts as a result of The Goat Farm’s 2021 Wake Up Your Money campaign powered by Adobe Marketo Engage. The media agency was Sneakers.

Kiwi Health head of marketing Laura Stephenson said: “Using Adobe’s marketing automation platform, Marketo Engage, the Kiwi Wealth marketing team created a dedicated website landing page, survey forms and targeted emails to attract potential investors.

“The landing page saw a huge uptick of traffic, 865% higher than typical web pages. 

“The Goat Farm and Sneakers Media were involved in external campaign work.”

“Overall campaign results were unprecedented, including a five times lift in new members, four times lift in new accounts and four times lift in funds under management.

“The Kiwi Wealth team achieved these results by implementing a data-driven marketing automation strategy, to mine customer data to provide actionable insights into consumer behaviour and create personalise content across their channels.

“We ran a 12-week campaign aimed at eliminating some of the myths about managed funds,” said Laura Stephenson, Head of Marketing at Kiwi Wealth.

“While we started with ads on video-on-demand, radio, display, digital and social media, Adobe Marketo Engage formed the core of consumer engagement by analysing interactions across the landing page, email campaign and survey form.”

The Wake Up Your Money campaign directed consumers to a campaign landing page where the marketing team were able to measure traffic and engagement in real-time to optimise or change blog content to attract more clicks.

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