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AUCKLAND, Today: The art of headline writing can – at its best – be cunning creativity that draws the eye quickly into the story beneath. Usually, they’re the work of a lowly sub-editor – always noticed, but seldom acknowledged.

So, belatedly, here’s a selection of the best from the weekend …

  • Asking for a Faber. Canvas story about UK publishing house Faber & Faber
  • Sultan of Swing. Front page Weekend Herald cricket story about fast bowler Trent Boult
  • Sultan of Swing rocks on. Sunday News racing section.
  • Queen has to be polite. I don’t. Phil Quin on Stuff.
  • Inside an Elvis impersonator’s bathroom. Stuff.
  • Country roads take me home. Stuff.
  • Holy cow – Townies’ outrage (Herald on Sunday).
  • In the name of the Father. Our own M+AD effort from last week’s story about Wellington’s Catholic cardinal dropping the ‘Father’ honorific in his title.

The best ones (like our own Write Stuff headline) are often oldies – but keep on keeping on!

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