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To launch World Oceans Day, DDB and Greenpeace created a new video ep of social media phenomenon The Beached Whale, revealing that the popular animated cetacean had died from eating too much “plistuc”.

DDB New Zealand spearheaded the latest online video, a collaboration between the Beached Az team and Greenpeace New Zealand. The much-loved whale from the original clip returned, only this time as a ghost explaining – in a glorious Kiwi accent – why he died and that “the whole ocean is getting dead too”.

DDB Auckland ECD Andy Fackrell (now the Sydney-based regional CD for DDB) had approached the Beached Az producers after being shocked by the lack of fish caught at a fishing competition in his hometown of Whakatane. A feature article read by him shortly afterwards in the Sydney Morning Herald, entitled, ‘The Sea is Broken’ propelled him into action.

“We hatched a plan that would play off the Beached Az existing success; a tactic to raise as much awareness as possible. The team across the ditch quickly agreed that anything to bring more attention to the critical state of the Pacific was worth it, so we quickly started collaborating on a script and got it to Greenpeace.”

Beached Az producer Anthony MacFarlane says they hope the lighter take on a serious global issue helps to spread the message further.

“We just want all the cuzzies and bros out there to know that the ocean’s getting pretty sick and it’s time we all took notice, so we don’t have to kill off any more cartoon whales,” he said. “It’s been pretty traumatic”.

Greenpeace Oceans Campaign team leader Lagi Toribau said: “Here at Greenpeace we’re known for being very passionate about our oceans. While this video still has those serious undertones, we hope the humour will get the message out there in a different way to engage New Zealanders for World Oceans Day and we hope that a few more Kiwis look at ways they can make a difference.

“There are also everyday things people can do to help improve the health of the oceans, including eating sustainable seafood, reducing use of plastic and even keeping their car well serviced to prevent oil leaks.”



ECD: Andy Fackrell
Art Director: Toby Morris
Writer: Simone McMahon
Animation Beached Az crew: Jarod Green, Anthony MacFarlane & Nick Boshier
Motion graphics: Steve Gulik
Senior Account Director: Rachel Turner
Senior Account Director PR: Sean Brown
Senior Account Manager PR: Lucy Cleary

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