Queenstown partners with The Beards to celebrate local values

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WANAKA, Today: Destination Queenstown is connecting New Zealanders with Queenstown by celebrating members of the community who call Queenstown home. 

The latest series of Our People, Our Home, created in partnership with The Beards, dives into the world of Queenstown locals who share their experience of Queenstown, what it means to them and the people they encounter.

Destination Queenstown brand and marketing manager Ruby Soole said: “Queenstown is a special place with a strong community of locals who take great pride in the region. By introducing visitors to the values of our community, we hope to create a sense of welcome, belonging and care for our environment.”

“In a four-part series of short documentary films, viewers are given a glimpse into the lives of Queenstown’s people.

“The digital campaign will be live across NZ and Australia, and in Queenstown cinemas ensuring locals can see their own community on the big screen.”


“This includes Frank, a long-time local, who shares and connects with visitors as a tour guide; Matias, a salsa instructor from Uruguay, whose culture is celebrated through dance in Queenstown; and Francie, a local art gallery manager and waka ama/outdoor canoeist enthusiast.

Director of the campaign (and The Beards co-founder )Tim Pierce said: “Having the creative freedom to film documentary style and to really connect with the people of Queenstown has been hugely rewarding. It has also been a beautiful reminder to ourselves why we are proud to call this place home.”

The digital campaign will be live across New Zealand and Australia, as well as in Queenstown cinemas ensuring locals can see their own community on the big screen.

Soole: “By taking a values-led approach to our marketing activity, Destination Queenstown is focused on attracting high contributing visitors who seek a deeper connection with our people and place, stay longer and venture further across the region.”


Client: Destination Queenstown
Marketing and Communications Director: Sarah O’Donnell
Brand and Marketing Manager: Ruby Soole
Brand and Marketing Executive Daniella Jones
Production: The Beards
Director: Tim Pierce
Executive Producer: Toby Crawford
Producer: Siobhain Hooper
DOP: Hamish Pattison, Tim Pierce, Roy Schott
1st AC + Grip: James Buchan
Editor: Mariano Segedin
Audio Design: Amy Barber

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