Dancing with data: the changing face of media

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Written for M+AD by Isentia NZ country manager Russ Horell: Not many people fizz with excitement when you tell them you’re in the business of media monitoring, but we’ve got our sights set on changing that.

I’m three months into my new role at and the opportunities in this market truly excite me. New Zealand is a place that fosters innovation, and businesses here are incredibly passionate about shifting the dial.

Isentia has the same passion – we’re media-hungry people by nature who are constantly on the lookout for ways to harness data and offer insights that can change the way organisations operate.

People in NZ understand the power of media data better than many other places and are ready, willing and able to explore the opportunities.

We’re driving ground-breaking work to transform the traditional clippings service for them. We know that the modern media cycle is constant and that keeping abreast of crucial media coverage is more of a struggle than ever. One of the most exciting ways that we’re helping to overcome this challenge is by using Artificial Intelligence.

AI has the capability to help businesses and organisations to make smarter, better-informed decisions. It empowers them to receive data in an instant that can aid in deciding when to speak up, and how to steer their strategy. We are evolving from the need to predict how the media will report on something, which is a revolutionary change for the media monitoring industry.

“AI keeps us abreast of the modern media cycle.

Mediaportal Stories cluster every form of media coverage to show the connection and reach of a story and to produce information on coverage that may never have been captured by keywords. It will find related stories, social media chatter, radio ruminations and online mentions that take the content in different directions.

The Stories engine helps you to paint a much better picture of what is being said about your organisation or issues of interest. It watches the story evolve, allowing you to decide when to step in and direct the conversation.

It’s still early days, and AI takes time to self-learn, so we’re seeing exciting improvements on a daily basis. We’re already working hard on our phase two release, which will include some key improvements for our clients. Shortly we’ll be able to provide real-time alerts on significant stories and ultimately we’ll be able to help predict the evolution of a story with confidence.

With the media intelligence industry now more dynamic than ever, our customers face so many new challenges every day. Cutting through the noise to receive timely and relevant media intelligence is not done easily, and making sense of it is even harder.

Local team
We’re helping them to do just that and focus on the stuff that really matters. It’s exciting work, which is great for businesses, but it’s also important for New Zealand – we’re a local team with smart technology, and our passion for what we do is attracting some of the brightest sparks within the industry.

Our rapidly evolving media monitoring and the bespoke insights capabilities that we provide are incredibly powerful and are already being used by organisations across New Zealand to inform their decisions and shape their future plans. Together, we are driving our collective industries forward and shaping what the future of media intelligence looks like.

About Isentia
Isentia (ASX:ISD) is a leading APAC integrated media intelligence, insights and content marketing business, empowering more than 5000 clients in 12 countries to connect the dots between data and decisions. Isentia blends market-leading monitoring experience with analytics to help the world’s biggest brands uncover the whole picture – and act on it. Powered by cutting-edge technology and a team of world class experts, our mission is to help businesses leap-forward where only genuine insight can take them.

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