The viewers have spoken

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AUCKLAND, Sunday: During the week of July 1 to 5, Love Island UK on TV3 drew an average audience of 11,600 viewers in the 25-54 age group, and 25,800 in the total viewing audience, according to a report in the Herald on Sunday.

In comparison, The Chase which aired on TV1 at the same 5pm slot trounced its competitor, with 99,600 average viewers in the 25-54 age group, and 418,300 in total viewing audience.

The disastrous Love Island returns have prompted MediaWorks to put on hold its plans to run a Kiwi version.

CEO Michael Anderson says Love Island NZ would be taken out of the 2019 production schedule and the company will “look to do it in 2020”.

Yeah, right!
Some people never learn. Viewers are smarter than Anderson gives them credit for.

Put on crap in primetime – and they’ll leave you.

The Chase proves that an intelligent programme, backed by real writers, will win every time.

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