The Covid Effect

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LONDON, Monday: Eight-two percent of global consumers approve of brands running Covid-related advertising, according to a new WARC/GlobalWebIndex report. In NZ, the approval rating is 78%, and in the US it’s 77%.

In comparison, half (52%) of all consumers approve of “normal” (non-Covid) campaigns. In NZ, it’s just 38%.

The report says: “Despite consumer approval, marketers are cutting advertising spend heavily in the face of an economic and advertising recession.

“Globally, half of all consumers approve of non-Covid campaigns. In NZ, it’s just 38%.”

“This runs contrary to research showing that maintaining communication in times of crisis can help build long-term equity.

“Given how consumers are expecting brands to step-up and lead at the moment, advertising now can provide immediate gains as well. Drawing on core brand strengths during this period will help Covid-related campaigns feel authentic.

“It is vital that brands add something useful and relevant to the conversation, though, rather than create noise with no tangible impact.”

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