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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Last year, The Enthusiasts and Auckland University of Technology developed a new brand platform – Find your greatness. This month, they take the campaign up a level.

Last year’s campaign drew on the insights that – through AUT’s more collaborative, creative and connected approach to learning – they were better able to unlock students’ deep potential.

The Enthusiasts strategy partner Martin Yeoman said: “Being able to help a student find their true passion and purpose in life is one of the most valuable things a university can offer.

“We constantly come across amazing AUT alumni who can pinpoint the exact moment someone at AUT helped them find their direction and set their course for greatness.”

This round of work features four more AUT students with diverse stories of success – from an aerospace engineer creating titanium parts that will be launched into space, to a research scientist with the NZDF, a human rights lawyer making a difference, and a healthcare engineer developing Covid lifesaving devices.

“This round of work features four more students – an aerospace engineer creating titanium parts to be launched into space, a research scientist with the NZDF, a human rights lawyer, and a healthcare engineer developing Covid lifesaving devices.”

AUT chief marketing officer Luke Patterson said: “The greatest proof of AUT’s difference is our amazing students. They go on to do diverse and incredible things, and so many credit their time at AUT for that initial spark. Hearing their stories, we hope will inspire the next generation of great graduates.”

The Enthusiasts creative partner Jamie Hitchcocksaid: “AUT is only one part of a student’s journey.

“Each of the four students we profiled comes with their own unique story, their upbringing, experiences, and passions.

“We wanted to visually explore each of the individuals’ stories, then bring to life the ‘moment’ where AUT helped them find their inspiration and direction.

“In these executions we’ve continued to project large-scale imagery of their lives all around them telling the story of where they’ve come from, and where they’re going.”

The commercials were directed by Armagan Ballantyne with projections and online by Jon Baxter, of Perceptual Engineering. Outdoor media supports the campaign with images shot by Spid Pye.


Agency: The Enthusiasts
Agency Producer: Fleur Swarbrick
Client: AUT
Chief Marketing Officer: Luke Patterson
Director Marketing and Recruitment: Jayne Mayerhofler
Director Brand Strategy & Capability: Georgina Hammond
Campaign Manager: Charlotte Hunt
Director Alumni Relations: Sam Mickell
Brand Content Manager: Claudia Mischke
Senior Marketing Manager: Simon Horrocks
Production Company: Perceptual Engineering
Director: Armagan Ballantyne
Director / Projection / Online: Jon Baxter
Cinematographer: Maria Ines Manchego
Editor: Peter O’Donoghue
Film Co Producer: Lani Feltham
Sound Design & Audio: Beatworms – Cam Ballantyne
Stills Photography: Spid Pye
Media: MBM

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