Keep an eye out for the Venom posters. They’re doing the same for you

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When Sony Pictures and its media agency PHD approached Phantom to publicise their latest superhero movie, Phantom pulled a surprising move.

Venom features a humanoid-alien protagonist with superhuman powers – and a piercing gaze. Wouldn’t it be great if the street posters to promote this character conveyed some of his eerie, twisted power? The guys in Phantom Lab – Phantom Billstickers’ special projects department – got busy.

The solution they came up with: giant, reflective vinyl ‘eyes’ that glow in the dark when the light hits them.  

Phantom’s Ben Stonyer said these innovative posters show how lateral thinking can create a result that stands out at night as well as during the day.

“Street posters convey a powerful image in a split second – with such strong creative from Sony and PHD, we took things to the next level.”

“Street posters are all about conveying a powerful image in a split second,” he said. “With such strong creative from Sony and PHD, we saw the chance to take things to the next level.

“It’s the kind of innovative project we love working on, and it’s why we set up Phantom Lab in the first place.”

A Sony Pictures spokesperson said the company was thrilled with the way this new poster technique amplified Venom’s impact at street level.

“Phantom and our agency PHD came up with a clever way of using a reflective material on the Venom eyes portion of our creative. The glowing eyes definitely make for a standout night-time impact, which is in keeping with the themes of the film.”

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