Variety & Federation launch campaign for Kiwi kids who don’t have beds

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AUCKLAND, Today: Federation and Variety NZ have launched a campaign for the one in 10 Kiwi kids in the country’s poorest communities who don’t even have a bed.

They are sleeping on the floor, on couches, on mouldy mattresses or sharing beds with siblings.

The Feds/Variety campaign aims to raise funds for warm beds and bedding for children living in poverty.

The work features a child trying to keep warm under a pile of clothes, runs for three months across broadcast television, out-of-home advertising, radio, social and digital executions. The launch work includes a series of billboards with familiar bedtime phrases as headlines.

“It’s tough financially for Kiwis at the moment, so fundraising campaigns need to work hard to connect authentically with audiences.”

Federation managing partner Olly Walker-Boden said: “It’s tough times financially for lots of Kiwis at the moment, so fundraising campaigns need to work extra hard to connect authentically with audiences.

“By disrupting the societal norms of ‘sleep well’ and ‘good night’, we want to resonate enough for people to feel compelled to act – the creative is intentionally simple, authentic and … human.”

Variety NZ ceo Susan Glasgow said: “The reality is that there’s really not a ‘good night’ ahead for thousands of Kiwi kids right now.

“Kids in poverty bear the brunt of high rates of winter illnesses and we’ve been inundated with calls for beds and bedding since the cold weather arrived.

“While we do a Winter Appeal campaign every year, the cost-of-living crisis gripping New Zealand means the need for Variety’s support is greater than ever.”


Client: Variety NZ
Creative, Strategy: Federation
Photography: Fraser Clements
Media: Variety NZ

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