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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: With Super Rugby back on the menu in 2021, The Blues have partnered with independent agency Federation to recruit “a new tribe of supporters” – Auckland-based supporters of other teams.

The concept, Bring it Blue, tapped into the insight that many Aucklanders are not originally from Auckland and are loyal to their own home teams.

Federation managing partner Olly Boden said: “We identified a well-known personality in Auckland whose hometown was Wellington and launched an activation and recruitment campaign to Bring it Blue.

“Throughout the week we reached 100k listeners on-air, 100k billboard views, and over 300k fans via Social.”

“Andrew ‘Mulls’ Mulligan – co-host of The Rock’s breakfast show and famously passionate Hurricanes supporter – was the perfect first target.

“His Morning Rumble co-hosts executed multiple pranks, live on the show, raising awareness for the upcoming Blues vs Hurricanes match, inspiring other Blues fans to banter with their non-Blues supporting friends and family to get in behind the team too – just like a reluctant Mulls.

The Blues Ops GM Sarah D’Audney said: “Bring it Blue was a fantastic idea to create some serious competitive banter, have a bit of fun, and try to convert those that hadn’t yet considered following the Blues.”

Olly Boden: “Throughout the week we reached over 100k listeners on-air, over 100k Aucklanders with the billboard and over 300k fans via Social. The response was great, Blues players even waded in to send Mulls personal text messages celebrating his switch over to the blue side”.


Client: Blues
Client Lead: Sarah D’Audney
Media Partner: The Rock
Agency: Federation
Communications / PR Strategy: Gunn Communications

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