Federation launches sustainability platform

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AUCKLAND, Today: Independent agency Federation Aotearoa New Zealand claims to be “the first creative agency to launch authentic climate and sustainability consulting” with the introduction of Federation Impact, to lead change alongside marketers, ceos and ESG partners.

Chief creative officer Tony Clewett said: “Federation’s launch of Impact follows its involvement in a number of major climate related initiatives.

“The agency last year created the brand platform Auckland Forever for Auckland Council and has also developed Auckland Transport’s climate-focussed behaviour change strategy to help Aucklanders embrace more sustainable ways of getting around the city.

“It’s brilliant for our team to have created the Auckland Forever brand platform, it’s an amazing legacy for Tamaki Makaurau.

“Federation is also famed for its five-year behaviour change partnership with Auckland Transport transforming Auckland on its journey to become a cycling city.”

Federation managing partner Olly Walker-Boden said: “Impact will help the marketing, sustainability and HR teams of our clients to create authentic, inside-out brand purpose, with messages that are genuinely transparent about what their brand is doing for climate.

“Investors and consumers are increasingly asking brands the tough questions on climate-related decarbonisation strategies, and their potential to impact brand integrity.

“There are great examples of brands from all over the world who are making a positive contribution to people and the planet. They’re brands that don’t just think in profit-only terms.”

“For many, this is exposing their brand purpose gap. They’re seeing how sustainability is disconnected from both their internal and external brands, even though the bigger challenge of protecting the planet is becoming a top priority.

“Federation has made a significant investment in the expertise required to help government, business, NGOs and marketing leaders embed sustainability, climate action and purpose into their brands, for more innovative and effective communication.

“The agency’s executive leadership team have committed more than 1000 hours with the globally recognised University of Cambridge Sustainability Leadership Institute.

“It is the first and only ad agency team in Aotearoa New Zealand to become certified in business and climate and net zero transition, with its managing partners Elizabeth Beatty, myself and ceo Sharon Henderson all completing the immersive Cambridge programme.”

Beatty said “We’ve developed a thorough understanding of the critical importance of connecting consumers and brands in an inspiring way with the net zero transition for climate.

“Backed with our Cambridge credentials, we’ve now developed brand purpose planning tools specifically to assist New Zealand’s marketing leaders. Every organisation in Aotearoa should have a viewpoint on how their brand will communicate what they’re doing about the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time.

“We’re also very passionate about inside-out brands and ensuring that a company’s brand purpose and commitment to people and the environment really manifests itself, not just within an organisation and not just externally, but also right across the suite of partners that a brand might have.”

Walker-Boden: “There are great examples of brands from all over the world in every sector, who are making a positive contribution to people and the planet.

“They’re brands that don’t just think in profit-only terms anymore. Leaving sustainability as an operational silo that focusses only on reducing carbon emissions is an outdated model.

“Today’s consumers are expecting brands to do more, more authentically”.

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