Federation taps distinguished Pasifika designer

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AUCKLAND, Monday: Independent creative agency Federation has appointed Opeta Elika (whose work is in the Te Papa collection) as senior designer, culture & brand.

He joins the Feds from MediaWorks where he was responsible for commercial branding and brand identity projects.

He’s also a highly regarded Pasifika designer in his own right, with an understanding of branding for its power to connect with audiences and have social impact.

Elika, is the creator of the Advance Pasifika symbol, and has the rare honour of being held in Te Papa’s history collection. Elika says of the Advance Pasifika piece: “It was designed to underline the generational contribution of the Pasifika community to Tamaki Makaurau and Aotearoa.

“It is a rallying cry and call for change, for equality for our people and access to health, education, housing and fairness in the justice system.

“Design has the potential to make the most powerful statements, and Opeta’s work for Advance Pasifika is a great testament to that.”

“My inspiration came from the tatau patterns of the Pacific which are fused with the clenched fist symbol to create an embodiment of Pacific people taking a stand.”

Federation chief creative officer Tony Clewett said: “Design is a fundamental part of branding. It has the potential to make the most powerful statements and Opeta’s work for Advance Pasifika is a great testament to that.

“We’re very proud Opeta has chosen to join Federation. He is a powerhouse of thoughtful, beautiful design that is rich in cultural relevance and sensitivity. He is an exceptional talent who will make his mark on design history many more times yet.

“He is able to consider design intuitively through a Pasifika and tikanga Māori lens.”

Elika said. “The opportunity to work alongside Tony, Sharon, Elizabeth, Olly and the Federation team was a huge pull for me.

“There’s an energy, respectfulness and passion in the agency for all cultures that makes it an exciting environment to be a part of.”

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