The Monkeys bring a new flavour to Aussie lamb

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Cosmopolitan Australia is the theme of a new lamb commercial screening across the Tasman. In one 90 second pan, the commercial features a raft of migrants, two gay dads and a transgender comedian and ends with them all enjoying a barbeque on a grassy cliff top overlooking the ocean.

You’ll Never Lamb Alone was crafted by The Monkeys advertising agency in Sydney, led by ceo Scott Nowell.

The commercial starts with Aussie actor Luke Jacobz, who says: “too many perky white males are contributing to a lack of diversity on our screens”. Suddenly Jacobz disappears and is replaced by Indian Australia actor Akra Das who continues the diversity tour of Australia.

First there is Indigenous model Samantha Harris, swiftly followed by comedian Jordan Raskopolous, a Christian minister, a soccer player named Jesus, and a woman speaking sign language.

The ad ends with Das offering a lamb chop to whoever was there first. An Indigenous couple (Cathy Freeman and Greg Inglis) step forward: “That would be us”.

It is unclear whether You’ll Never Lamb Alone will screen in NZ.

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