The Monkeys Aotearoa welcomes star creative duo

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AUCKLAND, Monday: The Monkeys Aotearoa, part of Accenture Song, has announced the appointment of new creative team Lily Macintosh and Maisie D’Cruz.

The duo joins after four years at DDB, where they cut their teeth on local brands such as KidsCan and helped launch Pet Refuge. Alongside this, they worked on international brands such as Volkswagen and McDonald’s.

Along the way, they’ve picked up a couple of Axis awards, including winning Emerging Talent in 2022.

“It’s pretty cool. We’re excited to see what weird stuff we can get made.”

Macintosh and D’Cruz join a creative department, under the guidance of their mentors, The Monkeys CDs James Conner and Christie Cooper.

Cooper said: ‘‘We are super thrilled to welcome Lily and Maisie. They’re great humans and talented creatives who are set to do amazing things. We’re excited to develop work with them that helps place creativity on a bigger playing field.

D’Cruz said: “When Damon Stapleton first hired us in 2019, we were like, ‘Oh that’s pretty cool’.

“Then when he hired us again in 2023, we were like ‘hell yeah!’. We’re so stoked to be reunited with our day ones who have been such great mentors to us over the years and we’re excited to see what weird stuff we can get made. Slay.”

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