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AUCKLAND, Today: Former Freeview ceo Sam Speedy Irvine has joined Auckland B2B specialist agency Badger as managing director. And yes, that really is his middle name.

Badger founder Matthew Masters said: “We’ve always maintained that ‘Badger’ is just a description of what we do for our clients. Having someone called Speedy running things has to be good for our efficiency and client response, right?

Along with nominative determinism, Irvine brings senior marketing and management experience from his time Freeview, Isthmus Group (where he was COO) and as senior marketer at Telecom, Bank Direct and Mobil. 

Irvine said: “As a client I struggled to find agencies that were interested in or would even care about business-to-business briefs.

“That always seemed to me to be ridiculous. Sure, some of the products or decision-making processes might be more complicated, and there’s a bit less chance of making a sexy tvc, but you’re still talking to people. They just happen to be at work.

“Sam is a bit geekily obsessed by business-to-business marketing. That makes him a perfect fit for Badger and our clients.”

“And that’s what Badger is all about – communicating with people who make or influence business decisions.”

Masters said: “Sam is a bit geekily obsessed by business-to-business marketing. That makes him a perfect fit for Badger and for our clients.

“Sam joins as Badger enters a growth phase, having picked up Z Energy, and recently.

Irvine: “In my view business-to-business is as important a communications specialism as retail, maybe more so. Badger has proven that it works well with brand agencies and that’s something I’m looking to expand on. I can’t wait to get going,” he finishes, quickly.

About Badger
Established in 2007, Badger is a business-to-business ad agency. But you already know that because we put it in the first paragraph. So what else is there to say? Badger does all the things you’d expect of an ad agency, but actually likes working with complex products and services. And it’s big on developing tools that help sales teams sell more. Badger works across the Asia-Pacific region and has in-house Chinese language creative capability. Clients include Vodafone, Fidelity Life, Z Energy, Altus Windows,, The Blind Foundation and

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