The Rock is born again, revealing a new station logo & brand campaign

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The Rock is rolling out a new station logo from next week – the first visual rebrand in the station’s 27-year history. The new visual identity is part of the new brand marketing campaign which celebrates the loyalty of The Rock’s listeners and their faithful love of rock music (scroll down for the rebrand launch reel).

Coinciding with the return of the “world famous” Rock 1500 countdown, The Rock’s new Rock is Our Religion campaign kicks off this Monday (30 July) and stars New Zealand’s high priest of rock, Shihad frontman Jon Toogood, (dressed in full cassock and collar), along with each of The Rock station announcers confessing their many and varied sins.

Toogood is quick to acknowledge the role that the station has played in his career as a musician: “The Rock has been one of Shihad’s biggest supporters since we started.”

The religious fervour and loyalty of rock music fans is exactly what the team behind the new brand campaign intended to capture.

“For this campaign we wanted to showcase just how powerful the listeners’ passion and dedication is which is why we went with Rock Is Our Religion,” says The Rock content director Brad King.

“The Rock may be known for our tongue-in-cheek irreverent humour but this campaign is purely about the music.”

“We know that religion, in its various forms, is something that shares a similar dedicated following to rock music. The Rock may be known for our tongue-in-cheek irreverent humour but this campaign is purely about the music.”

Stacey Wouters, The Rock Brand Manager, says: “The Rock’s listeners are as passionate and loyal as they come so we want to ensure that we’re providing them with only the best music and content at all times, ensuring that the station looks as good as it sounds is just part of that package.”

Speaking about the evolution of the Rock visual branding, King says: “This is the first time we’ve changed the logo since the station began and back then it was hand-drawn and faxed through to management for approval.

“After 27 years, we feel that as the rest of the station has naturally progressed with the times, so should the logo.”

Adds Wouters: “This new look for The Rock is very much an evolution of our previous branding – so much so that we’ve even kept the same red, black and white colour scheme. The Rock is lucky to have a rich heritage that we’re extremely proud of, so the previous logo will always be a part of us whether it be on retro station merch or a broken-down bus on a farm in the ’Naki.”

The Rock is New Zealand’s number one station in its target demographic and all people aged 25-44 and in the most recent GfK commercial radio survey (2/2018), The Rock also gained listeners in nine out of 12 markets and was the outright number one station in Dunedin, Taranaki and Southland.

  • View The Rock rebrand launch reel below


The Rock Content Director: Brad King
The Rock Brand Manager: Stacey Wouters
Rock Logo: Mike Chapman & Jon Chapman-Smith (FUMAN Design)
Rock 1500 Artwork Concept: Mike Chapman & Jon Chapman-Smith (FUMAN Design)
The Rock Brand / Show Artwork: Anton Herbert (Mediaworks Radio)
Director, DOP, Editor: Aaron Ly (MediaWorks Radio)
Photography: Jared Donkin (RAWRPHOTO)

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