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AUCKLAND, Today:  Global clothing store chain Superdry (NZ branch in Queen St, Auckland) has launched the first TikTok campaign in New Zealand – via NZ-based influencer agency and TikTok specialists Born Bred Talent – to launch their AW20 collection and celebrate NZ Music Month with the release of NZ hip-hop duo eleven7four’s major debut single.

Where It Hurts (featuring American singer Tayla Parx) by Universal Music NZ artist eleven7four is the soundtrack of Superdry’s campaign, with twins Muche and Shingi partnering with Superdry and Born Bred Talent to bring the campaign to life.

The campaign went live this week and is led by TikTokker Sarah Magusara (13 million followers) and 57 other TikTok creators from New Zealand and Australia, with content receiving 2.1 million video views in the first week.

Off the back of a handful of successful TikTok activations with Born Bred Talent (Takapuna influencer agency and TikTok specialists Born Bred Talent., including the opening of the brand’s flagship store in New Zealand, Superdry’s head of marketing and PR Matthew Iozzi, said the combination of eleven7four’s track, Sarah Magusara, the top TikTok creators in Australia and New Zealand, strategic ad placements and a data acquisition aspect will give the campaign a 360 degree touchpoint.

“Both the campaign and the single talk about celebrating individuality which is the crux of the Superdry brand,” Iozzi said.

“The #SDMyWay challenge is about injecting your personality into the brand. We want to celebrate the unique and different. We create the clothes, you create the look and the story,” he said.

Born Bred Talent founder/director Clare Winterbourn, who recently returned home to Auckland to step up the agency’s presence in the New Zealand market alongside the existing offices in Brisbane and Sydney, said there has been a surge of 1 million new Australian and New Zealand TikTok users on the platform since the Covid-19 lockdowns, so it is the perfect time for brands to ramp up their presence.

“TikTok is having a moment right now and we’re thrilled to continue to work with Superdry to use TikTok to make an impact – particularly in NZ.”

“TikTok is having a moment right now and we’re thrilled to continue to work with Superdry to drive incredible results for the business and effectively use TikTok to make an impact, particularly in New Zealand,” she said.

“We have engaged over 57 of the top TikTok creators from Australia and New Zealand to participate in the #SDMyWay campaign, and they have a combined global reach of 62 million followers.”

Australia-based Shingi Murare (one half of the eleven7four duo) said: “TikTok is fast becoming an opportunity for the music industry to launch artists and reach a global audience quickly, so it was a no brainer for homegrown talent eleven7four to team up with Superdry and lend their sound to the viral TikTok campaign.

“It’s crazy to see how quickly TikTok has blown up. It’s completely changed the way that the youth are discovering music, and what we love about it is that it’s a space where anyone can be creative, which is so cool to see.”

New Zealand’s top TikTokker Waiata Jennings, who started publishing on the platform in 2015 and is participating in #SDMyWay, said being involved in campaigns like #SDMyWay is an opportunity to celebrate the New Zealand music industry and support local artists like eleven7four on a global scale.

“I’m thrilled to work with Superdry and Born Bred Talent to use my platform to support the local music industry and be part of this campaign,” she said.

“It’s great to see TikTok taking off here and I’m excited that global brands like Superdry are looking to the platform to create fun and engaging content with creators in New Zealand.”

Born Bred Talent launched Superdry onto TikTok in 2019 with the brand’s first TikTok activation and several high-performing campaigns across New Zealand and Australia in a

16-month strategy rollout.


Brand: Superdry
Influencer Agency: Born Bred Talent
Music: Universal Music NZ artist eleven7four Where It Hurts (feat. Tayla Parx)
Brand video (for Superdry): Sneaky Studio

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