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Barnes Catmur & Friends have devised a new print/online/outdoor campaign for Boundary Road Brewery. The campaign was based on years of study in pubs all over New Zealand, which up till now had been rather aimless.

So the agency set out to legitimise all this graft by providing a degree, while at the same time communicating to the public what a diverse range of beers emerge from the Boundary Road Brewery.

The brewer believes that university is generally a waste of the student’s time and the public’s money, not to mention the wanton destruction of sofas.

So to get a degree without having to pretend to be interested in subjects greyer than an accountant’s underpants Boundary Road Brewery have introduced “Brewniversity” – NZ’s first online seat of learning dedicated entirely to the study of beer.

This is a campaign where outdoor, online and print executions direct beer enthusiasts to where they can test their knowledge of all things beer in an effort to gain suitable academic qualifications.

“Why waste three years of university when you can waste five minutes on our website,” says Boundary Road marketing general manager Michael Edmonds.

“This is a message that many will have heard too late. Enrol now, before it’s too late.”


Barnes Catmur & Friends

Creative: Kat O’Neill
Creative: Ren Warner
Head of Digital: Bram Stevens
Digital Developer: Dylan Scott
Social Media Manager: Ben Hope
Head of Media: Monica Wales
Digital Planner/Buyer: Harrison Boys
Designer: Andrea Lo Vetere
Head of Production: Phil Newman
Studio Finished Artist: Alison Curtis
Studio Finished Artist: Simon Kear
Retoucher: Mark Creaghan
Executive Creative Director: Paul Catmur
General Manager: Luke Farmer
Senior Account Manager: Nicholas Gallagher

Boundary Road Brewery

General Manager Marketing: Michael Edmonds
Category Manager: Andy Havill

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