Tibetan singing bowls croon for hyperactive kids

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Here at M+AD we don’t often hear from Latin countries, so our interest was immediately piqued when this video landed in our Inbox (personally addressed) from Portugal.

The film showcases a remarkable radio ad which acts to reduce hyperactivity in children via the frequencies emitted by Tibetan singing bowls.

Here’s João Gomes de Almeida, ECD at Lisbon indie agency Nylon: “We have created radio spots with therapeutic effects on the hyperactivity treatment in children.

“We used fantasy stories narrated by Portuguese well known personalities combined with sound frequencies emitted by the Tibetan singing bowls.

“The vibrations from the bowls produce specific frequencies changing the beta frequency of our brain waves to an alpha state making the children feel they had a real massage.

“The brain becomes more able to capture information and perform tasks helping hyperactive kids to have better days and fell more relaxed at night.

“Could you publish this in your site?” For sure, João.



Advertised brand: Portuguese Association of the Hyperactive Child
Advert title(s): Radio Sound Therapy
Advertising Agency: Nylon Agency, Lisbon, Portugal
Chief Creative Officer: Joah Santos
Executive Creative Director: João Gomes de Almeida
Art Director: Filipe Mateus
Copywriter: João Gomes de Almeida
Account Director: Pedro Miguel Garcia
Production Company: Digital Mix – Dmix Som e Música
Executive Producer: Elvis Veiguinha
Producer: Carlos Ferreira

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