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AUCKLAND, Today: MDS AdSchool CD Kate Humphries is glowing at the news that at MDS team won Wood Pencil at D&AD London’s New Blood Awards.

Her excitement was infectious in her email to media on Saturday: “With 3000 entries from 60 countries, this is a win to be truly proud of,” she wrote about the success of Hanna Grant’s & Conal Wilson’s Penguin Shelfies idea.

“It’s tough to win a D&AD New Blood pencil with the judging process being notoriously exacting but that’s what makes it such a prestigious award.

“Thank you Toby Talbot, Paul Catmur, Thom Darlow, and Michael Tam.”

“Our year doesn’t start until late February, three weeks before the deadline. So, for us it’s usually just a training-wheels exercise, but all our teams took advantage of the extended deadline this year to keep honing their entries during lockdown.

“So we’re delighted because it shows what our students can do with a couple of extra weeks up their sleeves.

“As always a big thanks to industry people for feeding back on all the students’ ideas early on in the lockdown process – including IBM iX global design director Michael Tam, C14torce Barcelona CCO Toby Talbot, BC&F Dentsu ceo Paul Catmur, and Colenso BBDO CD Thom Dharlow.

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